Time settings Client

Hi There,

In the Display settings I found an item ‘Use CMS time’
In the description it say’s
’Set the device time using the CMS, only available on Rooted devices or System Sygned players’

Are Android Minix client Sygned Players?
If not, I have been searching the web for support on Rooting the Minix X7 mini.
But was not able to find a Step by step manual there.
Can you help?

In Our setup we decided to connect the clients to the Intranet only using fixed Ehternet connections.
Therefore we can not use the Auto settings for Time and date.So using the CMS time would be a solution there.

Just managed to root the device.

Do I need to configure the Android Time Settings to ‘Automatic’ or does the Xibo app override that setting?

I think Xibo will override it anyway, but yeah you can set it to automatic.


Works Fine, Also with the manual setting on android.
Only ‘issue’ is that android keeps giving a message "Super User Granted to Xibo"
Is there a way to suppress that message?
It keeps popping up every now and then.

In your SuperSU, did you grant the permission indefinitely or for x time?
You should be also able to disable the notifications in SuperSU

Found the SuperUser app.
I granted the rights the first time I started Xibo indefinitely.
Changed the Log and notification’s settings now!

That works