Time before changed

Hi everybody!
Today my question is, why when i changed my planning for one display, i see the old planning…

I assume you mean that you’ve changed the scheduled event start/end time or added a new event, but your player didn’t update the schedule?

Could you please tell me what CMS and player version are you using?

What durations do you have on your layout?

Finally can I see a screenshot of status window on your player please?

My event durate 5 minutes, and it’s repeat all day

CMS player? I have Xibo 1.8.2 and a windows 10 on my player…

My screenshot:

I don’t understand the priority, the most high is 1 or 10 for exemple?..

Because I have video, this video is see all of time but sometimes i want to see other screen like webpage or picture, just for few minutes or 1 hour and after that video start again…
But actually it’s just a video because my display don’t change screen…

Can you help me for more understand that?

The higher the number the higher the priority, so if you have couple of events scheduled with ‘always’ daypart and one of those events has higher priority then that will be displayed instead of all other events.

Perhaps have a look at the links below