Tidy Library not working

Hello I’m testing CMS version 3.1.4
Found out that the “Tidy Library” features is not working? Any off you are also facing this issue?

Below is the error message, both with normal user or super admin. Thanks in advance!

HI Akram, thank you for your message. The issue has been replicated and a fix will be available in the next CMS release. Here is a link to the bug report so you can track its progress:

Thanks again for reporting this issue and our apologies for the inconvenience caused. You should find that the Tidy Library option on the Settings page will allow you to use the Remove all media not currently in use. The Remove Generic Files option is currently not working on both Tidy Library options so will need to wait for 3.1.5.

Many Thanks.

Thanks Dan for your reply! Looking forward to the new version. :slight_smile:

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