Tickers not appearing at all


I’m trying to add an RSS feed to Xibo, the feeds I am using all work elsewhere but in Xibo do not do anything. By not do anything I mean that the background colour for the ticker is not even displayed.

Some of the Feeds I’ve been trying are:

I have uploaded my layout here and would be very grateful if anyone could help with this.



Thank you for your message and the link to the Layout and feeds. Can you confirm what version of CMS you are using?

I tested your layout and was able to see the Ticker you have configured, as well as the data it was returning. Below is a screenshot of how the Layout appears in my CMS:

Can you provide a screenshot of what the Layout looks like in your CMS?

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your help.

I’m using 2.03.
My CMS shows as:

Thank you for your screenshot. I am using version 2.0.4, could you upgrade your CMS to this version as well so we can compare performance on the same revision of CMS? Below is a link to the Blog page for the release, where you can download the files required for your installation:

Could you also go to the Modules option in your CMS and click the Verify All button in the top right corner of the page? After doing that, please check the Layout again. can you also confirm if the ticker text is appearing as expected when scheduled to a Player?

Many Thanks.

I have verified the Modules but this has not made a difference.

The ticker text does not appear in the Layout Editor, CMS Preview or on any of the displays.

I upgraded to the 2.1.0 RC yesterday and still have the same problems. Do you want me to downgrade to 2.0.4?



Hi Dan,

This is still occurring, have you been able to identify any issues with my set up?

I have uploaded a log here to see if it is of any use.



Hi tpipjo, please excuse my delayed reply. I have taken a look at the Logs you provided but I can’t see a link between the messages and your issue.

So far I have not been able to replicate your issue using 2.0.4 and 2.1.0 RC. Below is a screenshot of the Ticker appearing as expected on 2.1.0 RC:

Can you capture some troubleshoot logs so I can take see what is happening in your CMS when you are looking at this Layout? To capture the Logs, please follow the below instructions:

  • Log into your CMS and choose the Report Fault option.
  • Follow the steps and click the Turn on Debugging button when it appears.
  • Continue to follow the steps and choose Open in a new Window when the option appears. Do not close the original window when you click this as you will need it later.
  • In the new window, got to the Layouts option in your CMS and open the Layout in Designer.
  • Now Preview the Layout.
  • Once you have done the above, close the new Window that opened and return to the original window with the Report Fault steps.
  • Continue with the Steps and click the Collect and Save option to create a Troubleshoot zip file containing the Logs.
  • Continue once more with the steps and Turn off Debugging when the option is available.

I would recommend sending the Troubleshoot zip file to me in a Private message, as it could contain sensitive information about your Xibo setup.

Many Thanks.

I’ve reinstalled using Docker and this is now working. Thanks for your help.


Thank you for confirming that a reinstall has resolved the issue. It was the last option to try if nothing was revealed in the requested Report Fault Logs. Glad your CMS is now working as it should.

Many Thanks.