Ticker with filtered dataset where no data matches filter

At the moment a ticker that uses a filtered dataset displays the last valid data even once it no longers meets the criteria.

Eg Filter to show ‘X’ between 10am and 11am. At 11.01am ‘X’ remains where I feel it show show nothing in the ticker.

Could an option be added to enable nothing to be displayed when filter results in no data to display.

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Thank you for submitting this feature request.

+1 for me as well - thanks

This actually should work in current CMS version (1.7.8).

If ticker returns no data (due to filter as mentioned in the original post), there is an option to set ‘A message to display when no data is returned from the source’ in edit ticker -> advanced tab.

That specified message should be then displayed, when there is no data returned from dataset.

Of course depending on your update interval on ticker, collection interval on display and overall duration of your layout there might be slight delay - everything depends on your configuration.