Ticker using Dataset,not showing in 1.8.7

I updated from 1.8.5 to 1.8.7 and I can not get Datasets to display. I Verified on all modules, and cleared the cache on all the modules like in this Text item not shown after upgrade to 1.8.7

I’m looking in to it more, but it seems to be a database type issue. On the Design Layout and in preview, the page never fully loads and I get a max database connection error after a minute or two.

I think I made a few changes from the renamed folder that had v 1.8.5. I copied the database again, removed 1.8.5 folder to be safe and Verified on all modules & cleared the cache on all the module. All DataSets are fine

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The error came back, but works when I revert back to 1.8.5. I’m going to try and test with 1.8.6. Maybe it is not unlocking the dataset table correctly, see the error below.

ID Run Date Channel Function Level Page Message
55552 d60b559 3/25/2018 23:44 XMDS POST ERROR GetResource Unknown error during getResource. E = Concurrent record locked, time out.

hm I would not expect you to get that error, in how many layouts do you have that dataSet data in use and therefore how many displays are downloading it at the same(similar) time?

Or is it not in active schedule just on the layout? In this case it definitely should not happen :confused:

We had multiple improvements to concurrent records being locked in 1.8 series, there will be some more in 1.8.8 as well, but I’d expect 1.8.7 to work well with that too.

Could you also mention more details about your CMS Installation?
Is it docker or manual/custom one and if so could you share some details about your web server specification?