Ticker to display messages

I am trying to implement a ticker to display real-time messages but I cannot seem to get it working.
I am following the following page: http://xibo.org.uk/2014/05/27/using-datasets-to-display-meeting-room-bookings/ , but without the start and finish time.

What could be the issue?

start/end time is used as a filter in this example, ie you have meeting information(or other message) that should be displayed in the intended time frame (be it day or exact hour etc)

If you don’t use any filter then by default ticker will display every item in dataset (which you can also change in the ticker options - effect, duration per item, items per page etc.) or use filter.

I did not insert any filter. My ticker does not display anything. For testing I inserted two meetings with description.

I think my setting are correct:

Could you go to ‘Appearance’ tab of this ticker, there you will see a text editor and optional css style sheet, below it you will see ‘available substitutes’ - basically columns names that are in your dataset, double click on it to add it to the text window, then you should be able to see every row in selected column or columns.

You can find more information and screen shots here - Ticker manual.

Thank you! This helped me a lot! But now my ticker doesn’t change message in the display in a long time… it is set to two seconds.

May I suggest enabling duration per item?
In Advanced tab, tick the checkbox for it, perhaps it will help you :wink:

Also I am assuming that duration is set to 2s (which might be a little too low, but you will test it) and not to 90s like in the screenshot.
With duration per item ticked then every item (ie every row) will be displayed for duration (2s) without it entire ticker will be there for 2s then reload (that why it is possible that you only saw 1 message)

Your software is magic! Thanks for not being angry for my lack of skills. Issue solved.

Great, thank you for your kind words :smile: happy to help