Ticker text is not visible on the screen

Hi all,
I created a dataset with the lunch menu for everyday, and a ticker to my layout showing the menu content each day with an SQL code.
Text is visible as I preview the layout, however, player on an actual screen does not display the text.

How can I solve the problem?

You probably need to go to the Modules page of your CMS and click Verify All, then allow the Player time to download the missing content.

If you’ve not done so already, please ensure you’ve worked through the CMS Post-Installation guide which can be found stickied on the front page of this site. It will help you avoid all these common issues.

Hi, I clicked verify all and it did not make any difference. I also checked Post Installation guide and Php system requirements and they look fine.
Today I realized that Display does not show not only Ticker text but also any kind of regular texts. Is this problem something with system requirements?

Please can you provide a screenshot of the Player status screen.

It usually indicates that some files aren’t being delivered from the CMS properly, but it can also be to do with the device you’re running on if this is an Android device.

Please can you give the versions of the software your using and on which platforms?

I have Xibo CMS 1.7.8 and I am using Windows platform.
Please see the attachment for the screenshot.
The region indicated with yellow is not visible on Player.

Is you background image a .jpg?
For Windows clients, it should be .jpg

Other than that you can run ‘verify all’ on Modules page in CMS.
Restart you player and give it a moment.

Hello there
Problem solved. Thanks a lot!