Ticker pulling ads out of order and repeats some ads

We have two different tickers that are being played in all of our layouts. These tickers are pointing to their respective RSS feed. Here are my issues:

-One of the tickers pulls the pictures out of order. I scheduled the layout to play on one of my test displays and I wrote down all pictures being displayed. The order has no apparent order and I do not have the randomize button checked off in the “edit ticker” format tab.

-The same ticker “breaks” or “restarts” at a certain point every 2 or 3 cycles. While the ticker plays, the part of the screen displaying the pictures will seem to pause, flash black, and start again at the beginning of the ticker. The “update interval” option in the edit ticker options is set to 120 minutes.

I can give more details as needed. If there are some options within Xibo (ticker options/ layout options/ etc.) I am overlooking, please let me know.

If you did not set the ticker to randomize the results, then it should show all (assuming you’re not limit that) items in the same order as they appear in the feed itself (from the start or end, depending on your setting).

Are there any other widgets on that layout or is only the ticker?
Layout will restart when the region with the longest duration ends ie if you have only ticker there then layout will reload after ticker duration will end.

I can have a look at your layout if you’d like to send it to me over private message and see if I can find any issues with it.

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Here is what I mean by random: the ticker will play the same media consistently in an order that does not correlate with the feed.

Every layout we use contains two ticker widgets. They pull media from their respective feeds.

Sure! I will send two different layouts soon. Thank you for your help!

There does not seem to be any options to send a message to you “privately”. My messages / inbox don’t have a create new message. How do I go about sending a private message?

I’ve sent you a private message, please do reply there with the layouts in question.