Ticker only displays one Entry


I have a Ticker with Dataset as source. Each row is a separate news entry, which displays fine. However, it will only show one entry and then move on to the next Playlist Item, even though there are still multiple rows left to be shown. Upper/Under Row is set to 1 & 2 so as not to have the rows overlap when displayed.


Thank you for your help!

Right, if you have effect selected then the ticker is in ‘single mode’ ie by default it will display one item per page - you can adjust that on format tab ‘Items per page’.

The lower and upper limits are precisely the reason why you do not see all items returned from the dataset.

You will most likely want to leave them as 0 and 0 if you want to see all items from the dataset.

The Datasets are formatted to display in the exact same region, so if I set the lower and upper limits to 0, they are all shown on top of each other, e.g. overlapping.

Select some effect, as I mentioned then it will be in single mode - adjust items per page if necessary, but you probably want one item per page, leave the upper/lower limits on 0, adjust the duration (with duration is per item) to make sure there is enough time to read the displayed data.

That worked, thank you Peter for your support as always!

By the way, do you know if there is a way to ensure that there is a clean transition after the last page is shown? Right bfore transitioning to the next playlist Item, there is a short display of the first Dataset Item, which looks really ugly:

Dataset Item #1 (5 Seconds) > Dataset Item #2 (5 Seconds) > Dataset Item #1 (1 Second ) > Next Playlist Item.