Ticker not showing in preview 1.8.7

I’m working on migrating over from manually creating screens, and having them switch to using Xibo for managing the screens for an upcoming event, and am having an issue with the ticker. We draw door prizes very regularly during the event, and have created an RSS feed for the winning ticket numbers. I can’t get the ticker to show up in my preview. That area of the preview just stays blank. I’m still at the design stage, so haven’t set up any clients yet.

My feed url is http://w8hhf.dstargateway.org:60080/hamfest/rss.php
I’ve tried both Marquee Left and No Transition for the effect.
I’ve tried the default of just showing the title, and overriding it with “[Title] [Description]”. I even tried adding the word TEST in there, and that didn’t show up either.

On the Format tab, I’ve got speed set for 2, number of items 2, and items per page at 2.

I am using the xibo hosted version.

EDIT: Never mind. I figured out the problem was that my feed wasn’t coming out with the right MIME type. It’s fixed.

I’m glad you’ve found out what was causing the problem.

If anything like that would happen again, you can enable CMS Auditing in CMS Settings, Edit&Save your ticker widget and look at the Log page, there you should be able to see where the problem is.