Ticker not Picking from Start of Feed

Got an RSS feed set up that seems to be picking from the end of the feed, not from the start of the feed as I would like. I’ve tried flipping from start to end, to see if that made a difference but didn’t. Not really sure what is happening here.

I don’t think there is much else you can do, if it’s set to take items from the start of the feed then that’s what it should do - I don’t believe we had any issues with that.

What CMS version are you using please?

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the reply. I did think it was pretty weird but like I said, I’ve have changed the setting between the options and it still comes up in the same order…

We’re using 1.7.8.


Just in case you could try and upgrade the CMS to 1.7.9, although I don’t recall a bug with that particular feature.

Been looking for an excuse to move to 1.8 with Docker, so will give that a crack and get back to you.

How much do you guys get involved with support for Docker?

What do you mean, our docker installation, docker itself or support for on-premise docker installations?

With first and last item we’re involved indeed, we do not however have impact on the docker itself, as that’s obviously not developed by us.

Regarding support itself, there are manuals of course, we’re happy to help on this very xibo community site, if you require commercial support for on-premise CMS installation / configuration / troubleshooting then that can be done via paid support as well - please do contact us directly for that.

Trying to get Docker running in a nested VM environment and it’s just not playing ball.