Ticker module not pulling feed after update

I am running a 1.8.1 install of Xibo running on Ubuntu 17.10 Docker recently upgraded from 1.7.9 on IIS.

The Ticker module is unable to grab the feeds:

Related log entries:
63162 7f98e18 2017-05-02 16:19 WEB GET ERROR /playlist/widget/resource/297/347 Request failed for dataSet id=0. Widget=347. Due to No Records Found
163161 7f98e18 2017-05-02 16:19 WEB GET ERROR /playlist/widget/resource/297/347 Unable to get feed: Operation timeout

These would suggest that Xibo is unable to access the feed or the feed is down.

Feed link:

We are using a proxy but the settings for that are correct.

Anything else I can check?


The log message suggests the ticker relates to a dataset and not to an RSS feed.

Can you check the configuration of the widget?

The configuration is the same as the 1.7.9 which I am running on another server (in parallel) and the ticker on that server is working fine.

Is your proxy specified by IP address or hostname? If by hostname, please try by IP. By default, Docker will be using an external DNS server so won’t be able to resolve your proxy server address from internal DNS.