Ticker images doesn't show on android

I’m using ticker to get news from a XML.

On the android, it was working fine, but now the images no longer appear, only text.

On layout edit and preview, it’s all Ok. The image and text are shown.

I took a look on the Log from the CMS and player, but all seems Ok, no info.

What happened to stop it working? Did you make a change or an upgrade?

Nothing that I could remember. On my 2 PCs are happening this.

I have one layout that call a php page that call another infos, including some images. All working fine.


I’m testing the ticker, but i can’t see what is wrong.

I made a test, where I get the ticker image using the tag " [linkfoto|image] "
The CSS is only " .image img { width:100%;} "
And on the source " < div class=“image”>[linkfoto|image]</ div > " (the XML tag for the image link is “linkfoto”
< linkfoto >http://imguol.com/2015/05/02/kate-middleton-e-principe-william-apresentam-a-filha-recem-nascida-1430588001648_1024x768.gif< /linkfoto > )

I was thinking that could be a problem with the source of the XML, but I’m trying with different sources, and happens the same. Shows the text content, but nothing about images…

For images to be shown correctly, the feed needs to be in mediarss format. The images will then be downloaded and cached on the CMS and shown on the player.

Could you give me a example of the right format?

I’m testing a lot of feeds here. Some doesn’t show images at all, and others works fine only on the preview…

Yahoo news feeds are in the correct format.

If they show in preview then they should work on the Player too. If they don’t, it suggests issues with filesystem permisssions in your CMS library.

I used the yahoo feed, and the same happens. No image on the player, just on preview.
Where exactly can I see what is wrong with file system permissions?

You need to make sure whatever user your webserver runs as has permission to write to the server library and all sub folders.

I took a look on the permissions, looks fine. On the library folder, everyone has permissions to read, and the user has permissions to write. I checked the write permissions to everyone, to see what could happen, but it make no differences, so I changed it back.
Any other possibility?

And this is definitely 1.7.3? It’s broken in earlier versions.

Yes. I made the update this week, but this problem started before.

I tried to reinstall the App, and now I cant download videos.

The news does not get images neither text, but it loads the layout background.

The forecast works, but with a broken layout.

The log messages shows “MD5 erro for downloading file X.mp4” and the same to download the font of weathericons-regular-webfont.ttf

This is for my booth PCs. Something went wrong on the update, maybe…

Have you reinstalled the module files? From the Modules page in the CMS, click “Verify All”. Then allow the player to download the missing files and things should start working.

The error downloading the mp4 however is likely to be that the video wasn’t written to the server correctly during the upload - which again points to a problem where your webserver can’t write files to the CMS library location properly.

Yesterday, I performed a clean installation of the CMS. On one of my PCs worked well, the other continued with the problems. After a long night to rest, the PC decided to work. =)

I don’t know if this could be a problem or instability on my web server… But when I was testing all the software on my local lan, it was always working fine, with no errors.

One thing I was considering about my server, was to maintain it at my office. But my internet connection fails sometimes. It would be a problem if the players do not have connection with the cms sometimes?

Is there any issue in maintain a system like this, with a “non professional” server at my office?

The players cache their content so if the CMS goes offline it shouldn’t be an issue to play the content they already have.

You certainly can run with a CMS in your local LAN.