Ticker font color

Hi, i am a newby with xibo.
I have added a ticker in my layout. But the text color is white. Where can i change this font color? I cant find it in the CMS.


Best regards,

Hi Rene,

You’ll want to edit your ticker, go to ‘Appearance’ tab click on the ‘override the template?’ checkbox
Then edit font size/colour like you would do with normal text.


Great! Thnx Peter.

Can i also delete the background color of regions? In windows client, my ticker has now a background color. Can i make it transparant so i can see the background-image?

When you click the override the template’ checkbox you can see this information:
‘Enter the template. Please note that the background colour has automatically coloured to your layout background colour.’

and by default that background is black (that’s why font is set to white by default).
If you have an image set as background then you can adjust the font colour, as for the font background it’s the setting next to font colour.

You can also set background colour for a whole ticker, you can change that in ‘advanced’ tab when you edit your ticker.
If you leave it empty it will be transparent.

Thnx Peter, but that doesnt work for me.
This will set only the background-color behind the text.
But I want to set the background color for the complete region.

In the tab “advanced” i can set a background-color. I did that. It works fine in my preview mode with the webbrowser.
But my windows client shows a white background in that region. And yes, the color behind the text is fine, but not the complete background of the region.

My background-image shows a grey color, so i want to give the ticker the same background-color or a transparant background.

Could you please take a screenshot and show me how does it look like on the player?
Basically the background for whole ticker/text media will not work on Windows client (whatever you set there it will ignore it)
So you will want to leave background colour in advanced tab empty.
Change the font colour to whatever you like and the font background colour to default/automatic ie transparent it should be fine.

I forgot about this bug, here it is: