Ticker - Continuous playback

I have a layout with a single region, in the region I have a marquee ticker based off of a dataset, I want to avoid the ticker from abruptly restarting due to new content/update interval. I thought about adding a second timeline item as text and just leaving it empty so that the ticker would transition to black and then begin from the beginning of the dataset while also gabbing any new data in the feed, however that is not the behavior I’m seeing. Right now my ticker runs for 5 seconds, then flashes through the text item then stops. Am I going about this incorrectly?

What CMS and player version are you using please?

In the Ticker widget configuration, what duration do you have there and is the ‘duration is per item’ selected?

In general, it should player the ticker for the specified duration, show text for specified duration go back to ticker and so on (on the player, layout preview will show one layout run only).

I’m using latest 1.8.3 version. duration is not set and duration per item is not slected. I’d like the ticker to go through all of the available rows in the dataset then move on to the text item. Am I correct in my thinking that once the ticker module is loaded again after the text item in the timeline that it will grab new data?

It will also depend on the ticker update interval (Edit ticker widget -> advanced), but yes in general that would be expected it should go through all rows in dataSet (if you have filter then all rows matching filter).

I’m happy to take a look at your layout, if you’d want to export it (with dataSet please) and send it over to me via private message, perhaps that would be easier to spot any issues.

Peter I sent you a PM with the layout.