Three horizontal screens

We are building a video wall with three horizontal screens and would like to use Xibo for Android to run it. Is this possible? We are using Minix X7 and X8-H (really unreliable). Should i get a HDMI splitter? Total resolution is 5760x1080.

You would need the Android device to output a resolution of 5760x1080 (or something in the same aspect ratio), and then use an HDMI video wall device to split that signal in to the three screens involved.

The Minix devices you describe aren’t able to generate anything larger than 1920x1080, so they wouldn’t be suitable in that scenario. We also have never recommended the X8-H.

I’m not aware of an Android device that would be able to do that for you I’m afraid.

Ok thanks. So we have to go with pc-version then. Any suggestions for that?

There’s several previous threads on here regarding hardware for video walls on PC. Have a look through those as they contain information on what hardware people have used previously.