The screen size of Assign an item from the Library

My question is very simple, I can assign and select object for my layout since library module , but when I going to save or cancel I can’t see the icon SAVE or CANCEL, the windows is more big that my screen and try scrolling using the mouse but the windwos don’t move. I try with IE 11, Chrome and Mozzilla. When my library had a few object No problems but right now my library is large. I have 1.8.0 version …sorry for my english


Could you show me a screenshot of the issue please? Just so we know where exactly the problem occurs.

I assume that’s after you click the ‘View library’ button?
Even you set it to show 100 media files per page, you should still be able to scroll this from (there should be 2 scroll bars, one for the whole page and other for that form).

For me scrolling the form works fine with just a mouse scrollwheel, nothing more fancy isn’t needed.

I guess you could try ‘End’ button your keyboard (that should scroll the from to the bottom)

Thanks Peter,

If I chose 10,25 or100 media files per page, the error is the same, I set my web explorer in full screen option and continued the problem, I can see the option previous-page number-next, the scrolling don`t work the page is static. I need to see this for select my object.

My fast “solution” is select 10 or 25 or 100 or select/unselect headers like a type or name until the screen show the bottom number page or next, after that, I have to put click in button NEXT and then the page show me the bottom if I select number page 1 or 2,etc don’t appear button SAVE

I just had the problem

Hi hhan …Do you solved it ? how ?



It will be fixed in 1.8.2 -