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I upgraded a Version 2.3.10 Docker CMS to 3.0.2 and than to 3.0.3. Normally I work with the xibo_admin and for it I doesn’t see the problem. But when I log in with a normal User the horizontal menu layout is broken. All worked fine before the update(s). My settings are so that the admin config sets the standard layout as horizontal and the users had there config set to “use admin config standard”. When a user logs in for the first time on the new version he sees the broken layout, when he then changes to vertical all worked, and as an interesting bonus info, when he changes back to “admin config standard” the vertical layout stays, only when he changes to horizontal he sees the broken layout again. I know that user rights get’s changed, so i updated all to what i think is best. Another info I can give you ist that all users gets all rights from usergroups and doesn’t have any extra right on top.

Here you can see the broken layout for the first login for a user (or when he changes the menu to horizontal). The name admin-infra is just a name, it’s a normal user:

Here on the left you can see how it looks when the user changes it to vertical (or back to “use admin standard” as you can see what’s set in this screenshot). On the right you see that the xibo_admin has set the standard to horizontal (and that the layout worked for the admin):

Now all rights that I have set for the usergroup (in which the user is). All settings(pages) you can’t see are disabled:

Do you now what’s the problem? Or is is a general Xibo bug?

Thanks for your message.

This was already reported and will be fixed in 3.0.4. See:

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