The connection was reset

Issue: I can’t login to Xibo CMS.
The following message that appears when I open : “The connection was reset”.
Maybe my server config is wrong, but I really don’t think so, because another CMS are running without problems.

CMS Running without problems: WordPress, Magento, Traccar, LimeSurvey, 3 CMS (php,jquery,mysql) Developed by myself.

My Environment
Xibo Version 1.8.1
Browser name and version: Firefox 55.0.3 (64-bit), Chrome (60.0.3112), Opera 47.0.2631.71
Environment name and version: Apache/2.4.6 (CentOS) PHP/5.6.22 mod_wsgi/3.4 Python/2.7.5
Operating System and version: CentOS Linux release 7.2.1511 (Core) x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
Linux Kernel: 3.10.0-123.el7.x86_64
CPU:Intel(R) Core™ i7 CPU 870 @ 2.93GHz
RAM info: MemTotal: 16226364 kB
MemFree: 4901636 kB
MemAvailable: 13326256 kB
Buffers: 0 kB
Cached: 8559276 kB
SwapCached: 360 kB
Active: 2109412 kB
Inactive: 7706504 kB

Php.ini: upload_max_filesize = 15000M
max_file_uploads = 50M
post_max_size = 1000M
memory_limit = 8000M
max_execution_time = 9400
max_input_time = 9400

There are enough RAM, CPU and HDD

Another CMS are running without problems

Possible Fix
Restart apache service.
I often restart httpd service but each time I restart, the same thing happen the next day or next week.

Since you have a /web in the Xibo CMS URL, that does imply configuration issue (should not cause this specific problem though) - please have a look at DocumentRoot and URL Rewriting -

It could be good to double check the ports on which everything is running as well, to make sure there are no conflicts there.

Anything that could block connection to it? proxy, anti virus etc?

Thanks for your reply.

I don’t want change DocumentRoot or use a symlink for change Dir, the main site is running on other CMS. I´m running Xibo in a Subdirectory because the domain has a Comodo Cert (is valid only for a domain not subdomains)

Should I check the server ports?
80 and 443 are open.

I don’t use Proxy, antivirus web protection is off, I don’t use a Firewall and Windows Firewall is disabled.

  • I can open CMS with a cert or without a cert, this is not problem, but when error message appears (The connection was reset) I can’t open Xibo site either way.

Sorry for hide my domain name, I was victim of DDoS.