Text Effect Not Working

Hi Everyone,
Design font effects are not working what should I do?

So, what exactly is not working? New custom fonts? text effect? How does it look like?

What CMS version are you using?

I am writing to give effect to normal font and color of the font Set it then it does not work despite effects
Xibo Version 1.7.7

So you add a text item to your layout, enter some text, select some font/size/colour and then the effect (scroll or other).

Could you show me screenshot of it? CMS preview or on a player and tell me how it suppose to look like please?

You probably want the Marquee text effect not scroll for text.

Marquee text effect works , but other effects are not working.

They are, but you would need to have more text lines there ie for example:

now that will scroll between first and second line.

As Alex has said, you will most likely want to use marquee anyway, but just to prove it works you can do the above.

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They don’t work because there’s only one text item so there’s nothing to transition to.

If you use them with say an RSS feed then there’s multiple items, and it transitions between them. With simple text, there’s only one item so no transition.

Thanks Alex And Peter .Its Effect Working