Text, Clock and DataSets Preview OK, but not showing on Player

Windows 7
Xibo 1.7.4
I’m new to Xibo, and this is a fresh install (no upgrade). I’ve read other posts, but none seem to resolve my issues. Images are loading fine, but text, clock and datasets are not loading to the player, although the preview is just fine. Don’t know if this indicates anything, but the screencap below shows an ‘x’ in the Library Media column for these modules. Is this the issue? If so, how do I fix it?

On the player logs I get constant errors saying “Exception to Run: Unable to get the media resource”.

Update: We were able to figure it out. Had a bad Local Library path on the player. The path was reading in Linux format (/home/Zibo/library), but because I’m on a Windows player, it couldn’t fine the root. By changing the path to C:\home\Zibo\library, the page loaded immediately.

Glad you got it sorted out :smile: