Text Box Problem

Hi there, I’m having a problem in which the provided text box is too small, and I don’t see an immediate way to resize it, or adjust it in any way. I am sure I am missing something.

Screen Shot:

Type in your text, size and format it. When on the layout design screen adjust your text region to fit text.

Right, which is fine, now it’s working, but is there a way to get it (while I am actively typing in items) to not appear like this?

The red rectangle is reflecting your region’s size, if you’d increase the region size then it will be bigger as well, currently it is showing the text under assumption that the region is very small - at a guess that’s the default size of a newly added region.

Is this documented somewhere? (red rectangle = region size). Would have been nice to mention that in the UI, like “The red rectangle reflects the size of your designed region”. There’s plenty of space on the form…

The region is actually much bigger than the text box, which is why I’m confused as to why the box is so small

There are 2 regions and one of them is the size of the red box, but this is not the region I’m editing

Have you clicked “Save Region Positions”?