Text added to datasets doesn't save

Hi all,

I’m currently giving users access to datasets which they can edit to display notices they want for their particular area. The users aren’t importing .csv files, rather they’re just looking at the data in the dataset and changing it daily within their browser. The problem that I’m having is that sometimes after editing the text the dataset doesn’t save and they have to write it all in again. Is there a way to increase the saving rate of the datasets as my receptionist entered a lot of information into one this morning and all of it disappeared after she exited her browser.


Hi Sam,

It should always save each time you tab out of a cell in the dataset.
If it fails to save for some reason, it should show a toast message saying that there is an error with it.
Perhaps you are missing the error?
If there is no error message then there shouldn’t be any problems with saving.

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Hi all,

We are having the exact same problem.
We have one cell in our dataset that will not save at the moment.
Everytime we put something in it , press another cell and refresh the page the cell is blank again.
Is there any logging option so we can see what the problem is ?


Could you please enable debugging in the Report fault page in CMS.
Then recreate your issue, save log file (also on Report fault page) and upload it to onedrive/dropbox or similar and give us a link to it here?


You may wish to redact any sensitive information from that file before uploading it :smile: