Temporary file write failure during upgrade to 1.8.1


We’re upgrading our Xibo 1.7.9 with 44 displays to 1.8.1 (docker).
To be sure, I’ve created another VM with ubuntu 16.04 so we have a clean setup and followed your guide to install docker and xibo. Copied the library and put the export of our DB in backup (import.sql). The import seems to be succesful.
I can login on the new machine with my creds and start the upgrade process on the docker instance.
But I’m stuck on step 149. I get the error below? Any suggestions?

You shouldn’t see the upgrade process happen with a Docker install - it’s handled for you.

That you do suggests an error on upgrade.

The error you see suggests perhaps you are out of hard drive space? Specifically, the stat table is being altered, so if it contains say 2GB of data, then your import.sql, live copy, and temporary copy are all going to have to exist on the machine at the same time, so you’d need three times the storage.

How large is the stat table?

If you don’t use stats, then I would run “truncate stat” on the database, and then re-run that upgrade step.

the stat table was 7.3GB. Truncate stat fixed it.

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If you’re not using stats, then I’d turn them off in that case as they consume considerable resources to gather, process and store.