Templates/DataSets issue for New User


Not sure if this is a bug, but when a new user is created the “Templates” and “DataSets” get error "There has been an application error. You do not have permission to access this page."
I did get the “DataSets” to work but activating it under “Page Security”, but can’t seem to get “Templates” to work.

Also if I’m in “Menu Item Security” and assign a menu and then try to assign or unassign another “Menu Item” without closing the window and reopening it I get this message “Sorry the form has expired. Please refresh.”


Hi John

You’d need to give your user or a group that user is in permission to Templates in Page Security:

and also to the Menu Security for Design:


Hi Alex,

I do have those 2 section assigned, I did have that issue in v1.7.1 and all I did was Unassign and Reassigned it and that worked. But doesn’t seem to be working in v1.7.2.