Taskbar still showing in fullscreen - Xibo 1.7.7 on Windows XP

Hi everyone, first time Xibo user & poster here. I have a client that needed some digital signage so after doing some research I decided to use Xibo. The install & setup went fine but I noticed when the machines started the Windows taskbar is displaying on top of the Xibo application.

I’ve removed Xibo from running at start up and scheduled a batch file at login that waits 15 seconds before launching the client, but still encounter the same issue. I’ve also played around with the taskbar size/auto hide options with no success. To me it seems like another application is stealing the focus from Xibo. I do have TeamViewer running on the machines for maintenance and have considered uninstalling on one machine to see if it resolves the issue but haven’t tried yet since I’d need to be on-site to test this out.

Has anyone else had this issue before, and if so how was it fixed?

Please see pm from me.