Taking ages to render / load a webpage on Android Player

We’ve got a couple of screens in reception running Android players v1.75. When the layout needs to load a web page, it seems to take ages (20 sec +) to load the page, and often the display moves on to the next content before it has completed.

It happens with both natively displayed pages and manually sized ones.

We have 80Mb internet connection so I am not suspecting the download speed. Anyone had a similar experience or get any ideas?

Fastest you can go between point “A” and “B” on line is the slowest point between them.

I take it that the CMS server and the screens are not at the same location. Some things to check:

If on wireless, it maybe a congested area full of wireless signals, or on the edge of the usable range of the wifi.

When you run a speed test online from where the screens are, are you getting the correct speed?
When you run a speed test, if you can, from the CMS server, are the speeds correct?
Do you have lost packets between point “A” and “B”?
Is the server overwhelmed with other screens updating their content?
How often is you collection interval set to?
How many screens are you supporting on the CMS?
Are their videos on the webpages, or any other large content on the page you are loading?

These are just a few things to consider.

Thanks @cslaughter for your response. All good questions, and apologies for not being clearer in my OP.

The CMS server is hosted online, and my two screens have android players built in, which connect via WiFi. It is on our work network with just 4 users, and 80Mb broadband speed. A speed test using a laptop on the same network confirms the speeds we are getting.

I am not sure how to run a speed test from the CMS server, or to check for lost packets. There are only two screens, and one just shows the same video all the time. The collection interval is 60 minutes, but the web page is called for every minute as the layout scrolls round to it again. It is just the local Shropshire Live News homepage, so no videos being loaded.

However, I have used pingdom to test the load speed of the page, it came up with a very slow speed, even though it seems much faster than that on my Chrome browser on a desktop - so I think you have led me to the correct solution. I will call the website owners and see what they can do.

Thank you very much.

The Player won’t show the page until it’s finished loading - so likely they have something on the page (normally ads) which are taking ages to load and therefore holding things up. Pingdom will be able to point you to roughly what it is I would imagine.