System Error - Memory?

Getting very frequent memory errors on the systems. Using android quad core systems, 1 gig ram. 16GB SD Card storing all app content.

Error below is what I receive … screen goes black until unit restarted.

1910 2016-01-31 07:19:01 Client Memory Alert 11 Memory Notifications. Current level=5 at Total:384. Used: 31. Device Total: 31. Device Free: 0
1903 2016-01-14 00:18:08 Client Memory Alert 11 Memory Notifications. Current level=5 at Total:384. Used: 37. Device Total: 37. Device Free: 0
1900 2016-01-06 20:00:41 Client Register Error in Register: null

any help is appreciated


Error in register shouldn’t cause issues (as long as it’s not persists for a longer time) it just means that your device couldn’t connect to the CMS and will make another attempt next collection interval.

As for memory alerts, do you have any other applications installed that could use your device’s memory?
Please see this article -

Not that i can think of. Using stock firmware on the device. It was a few apps installed, but never opened and set to 'non’auto start. E.g. Koby.

Have been looking for a ‘root’ version of the firmware to be able to do auto daily restarts and such. No luck yet. I know that would fix majority of the errors - did on my other systems before.


What devices do you have?
Did you try any of the method listed here? - Rooting a device

Rooted device can be restarted by shell command (you would need dedicated layout with it), have a look here Reboot via shell command

the memory will stay full most of the time - until device is restarted. Have not had any time where it cleared / dumped itself.


Currently using a TICTID MXQ Box. Will try the root methods you suggested. THank you. The shell command will make a huge difference - wont have to rely on other software to reboot the devices.

Thanks !!