Syncing displays so they run in time

Hi is there way of using something like OpenSplash to sync displays or is there another way

Displays cannot be currently be synced to show data at the same time. If you schedule a Layout to be shown on multiple Displays, there will be a slight difference in timing, using OpenSlash will not resolve this.

My apologies for any inconvenience.

Many Thanks.

When will this be sorted or is this not something being looked at

Syncing displays is not currently scheduled for a release, but is a feature that we may add in the future. Any updates on this will be posted on our blog.

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan

Can you contact me about how much it would cost to add it in

I’m afraid it’s not something we would be able to add for you at this time

Not sure of how you’re applying this but my group has had a request for this in a place where screens will be in close proximity (therefore noticeable if they are out of sync). Our AV engineer is planning on just using one player with a video distribution amplifier to do this, given the proximity.

A more expensive solution for slightly longer distances is to use a large video cat6 transmitter with receivers (Search HDBaseT or extron DTP).

Even more expensive but definitely useful in some situations where you have massive amounts of displays to sync would be a full on “AV over IP” video network, but by that point you’ve probably surpassed the application where Xibo is even appropriate except for maybe interstitial programming. (Just an opinion)