Synchronize regions from the same layout

Hi. I have two regions on my layout and I want to syncronize them to refresh on the same time. Is it possible? I chose the same duration of 60 seconds to both, one is a dataset and the other one is a text. Thank you!

I believe it’s not possible to synchronize regions on a long-running layout.

They would be in sync only when the layout loads. So, if the layout duration is longer than your 60 seconds, they drift out of sync.

What do you mean by layout duration? In that layout I have only 2 regions that have the same duration. I thank that when I assign that layout to a client they will begin at the same moment and refresh the content after the 60 seconds simultaneously.

The layout duration is the duration of the region with the longest duration. Each region’s duration is the sum of the durations of all the media within it.

In this case, since you have only two regions, and each have only one media with a duration of 60 seconds, the layout’s duration would be 60 seconds.

My previous answer was based on a layout with many regions, each with many media. I get asked this question a lot by my customers: “We have many regions, and I want two of them to be in sync.”

In your case, since you have only the two regions, at the end of 60 seconds, the whole layout will refresh and they’ll remain in sync.

Ok, I will try. Thank you!