Sync xibo players for video playback


Is there any way i can sync multiple xibo android players to display the video playback at the same time.
We tried to schedule all players at the same time but we can notice each players starting their playback with some delay. All players are synced with time server
We are using windows 2.3.10 CMS with docker and android player.
Any help would be much appreciated.

First of all, welcome to the xibo family.
This is not possible in software.
It is a feature that has been requested for a long time, but is not possible at the moment.
I suggest you to use splitter if the screens are close to each other. You will have to reproduce the broadcast of a single device on 2 screens.

Splitter Example - Link

another option is zmq if configured correctly. sending commands to devices. making it work almost synchronously by enabling it to start broadcasts at the same time. This is not very successful.

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