Supported video?


I’m currently dealing with video encoding problems.

I’ve understood that Xibo won’t play QuickTime movies, so I used different video coding applications, but none of them seems to transform .mov in something Xibo is able to display.

So my question is: when you must display a QuickTime video how do you proceed (i.e. to change it to MPEG or whatever Xibo is able to display)?

Thanks (for Xibo first, and than for your help).


Xibo will play mov files if Windows Media Player is able to on your system.

Failing that, converting to something like MP4 with Handbrake is the best option.

you may also want to try video convertor. It’s tries to preserves quality when transcoding.

If you install quicktime for windows, I think the Quicktime player has export / save as capabilities.

Also, I’ve had very good results with MPEG StreamClip from Squared 5. It’s free for Mac and Windows.

Thank you all for your answers, I think I’ll try all three solutions.