Suggestion for small improvement to editing timeline

When editing the timeline of my layout, “save order” takes me back to the designer, even if I wasn’t done with all my edits (e.g. setting durations). It would be great to have an additional button “save & keep editing” or the like.

I’ll move your topic to the features category, it does not mean that something like that will be implemented, but we will certainly keep in mind for future development.

Hi Peter, thank you so much for the quick reply! I totally get that it won’t necessarily make the list; I’m sure you/your team has lots of priorities. It’s just nice to be heard. For the most part–say 98-99%–your CMS is very easy to use and intuitive. While my IT team said they’d train me, they’re swamped. So, I’ve created and scheduled layouts via self-guided training using your documentation, community, and YouTube videos. Faced only one bug and once I determine that it’s not user error, I’ll post a plea for help in the community. (it’s likely user error).

Thank you! We tried to make it more user friendly with 1.8 series, even though it does have more features than previous versions.

Sure, if you’ve found a bug or at least something that does not seem right to you, please create a new topic about it and we shall discuss it.