Suggestion / Enhancement - client download link


Excellent piece of software by the way Guys - well done.

I’ve a suggestion as you need to install the version of client that matches the cms, and locating the matching client downloads isn’t the easiest, would you consider adding the download link for the associated client into the login page for the cms.

Where it says in this case 1.8.2 | Source | About add in a link Download Client.

Either have that link point to somewhere on the xibo site, or embed it in the webserver in the docker. Admittedly you could go one further and get it to fill in some of the fields for the settings for the client, but the link would be a start.


I’ve moved your topic to features category, it does not guarantee that something along those line will be implemented, but we will certainly look at it for future development plans.

Just to perhaps clarify the client downloading issue

Xibo for Android -
Xibo for Windows/CMS -

Thank you.

Although the latest client was always available on the it wasn’t so obvious where to find older clients if you were still using an older version of xibo. I’m also now not so young so once I’ve downloaded it for one display unit, by the time I come to install it on another display , I’d forgotten where I’ve downloaded the client software to and then have to start googling again.

Anyway it’s a minor suggestion so I leave it with you.