Suddenly "Page Isn't Working, Unable To Handle Request" Error Message

I’m hosting the CMS on my own bluehost hosting account, it installed without a hitch, and I was able to access it without any issues from my business laptop.

I made it all the way as far as making my very first signage for our store. I was very happy with it. I installed the Xibo player on one of our work desktops, and I have been displaying the sign ever since (about a month ago).

Today, for the first time, I have attempted to log back into the CMS from my same business laptop… but this time I am unable to access the page?? I haven’t touched anything since I published my first sign, that’s still running as I type this…

The sign is working and still displaying the content, but I just cannot access the CMS to make edits, or do anything. I’m so confused as to what happened, and why it would suddenly stop working?

When i try to access it from Chrome Browser I get this error:

“This Page Isn’t Working is currently unable to handle your request”

If i try to access it from Firefox or Edge, I just get a blank screen.

I pulled up the Xibo Player setting on the work computer, and hit the “Display Admin” button, and same exact results…

Again, I have not touched anything, the last time I was logged into the CMS i created the sign and everything was working just fine…

Does anyone out there have any idea what is happening, or why/how this could happen? I’m just a complete loss here. I’ve scanned through the forum and didn’t bump into anything that was helpful, though I could have overlooked something. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

When I try and access that URL I get a domain parking page, so perhaps someone didn’t pay a bill somewhere either for the hosting or for the domain that you’re using?

That’s a good point, however the hosting account is without a doubt paid up until September 2019… More likely that the domain was never redirected to anything hence the default parking page, but the subdomain was. However, with that bit of information, it got me looking at some of the other hosted sites/domains, and i’m seeing similar issues come up for them as well… so this must be a hosting/bluehost issue that’s going on! So i’ll just go ahead and check with them, and consider this post as “Solved”. Thanks for taking the time to respond!