Sub-PLaylist Filler with 0 Spots

To be completed by the original poster:

CMS Version


Player Type


Player Version



When Setting Sub-Playlist with first set as Filler,
and 2nd with repeat with 6 spots

The 2nd playlist contains 7 Imagesm some has schedules (end date only)

In Order to ommit the first playlist and use it as filler, the Spots needs to be set 0
however after setting and saving, the Spots are blank again!

Player is playing 6 spots starting from the first playlist.


Hi, as I cannot seem to replicate, I would suggest that you upgrade to the latest release v3.3.3 and do let us know if your issue persists.

Thank you

Indeed after upgrade to 3.3.3 - i can save 0 in the filler.
I will complete the check tomorrow against a player .
however this issue seems to be resolveā€¦

Thanks Natasha!

Glad that you now have that working :+1:

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