Stuff not working right in 1.8.1

i am trying to use Ticker will not show on the client tv shows black

i tryed pdf’s will not show at all i just get a black screen

i need a fixs i am moving client over to 1.8.1

Client Windows or Android. Also version of the client please.

Do you have the ticker as an over lapping region on the layout?

i am using 1.8.1 payer

and it is windows player

Can you please tell me if the region that is black, is it on top of another region? If so, that is not supported on the Windows client. It will work on an Android client.

Another thing to check is the Display Settings profile. Under trouble shooting try checking this box

EDIT: This is totally wrong as the windows client does not have this option.

it was working on the old 1.7 why will it not work on 1.8.1

windows was working i need to no why it is not now i will need to swich all my client back to my old server

Yes I understand. That is why I am trying to help you. But I need you to answer the questions to help figure this out. There are a number of changes between 1.7 and 1.8. I have found that many things just need a small change and they work again.

Please, once again, are you trying to use over lapping regions?

If you are referring to overlapping regions on a Windows client, that was never supported, but you may have found a way to get it to work. My suggestion is to examine the layout on regions on the old setup versus the new setup. My feeling is that the z-indexes are your problem.

do you have a email or can i call you do not think my stuff is lapping regions at all

i let you look at the server if you need

how do we fixs the z-indexes

On the layout, go to the region and select Options. Look near the bottom. Higher numbered regions should appear on top of lower numbered regions. If I remember correctly, and IF it still works the same in 1.8, each region will need to be on a separate zindex, or it will not work at all.

Again, please remember that overlapping regions are not support on the Windows client, so if this happens to work, there is still no guarantee it will continue to work in the future.

That is the layout options. I am talking about the regions options within the layout editor.

After examining your layout, I really do not think the over lapping regions is the issue, as the only thing that is over lapping is the regions on the background.

Can you access the ticker from the Windows machine, using internet explorer? If so then I think the only other thing to try is to check the box to “Store HTML resources on the internal Storage?”

EDIT: Again checking this box is not an option as it does not exist on a Windows Client.

it need the old ie to make it run

Yes, Xibo does require Internet Explorer on the Windows client. There are plans, from what I understand, to replace the player at some point, but that is a bit in the future.

So it is working?

Sorry about suggesting you check that box about internal storage. That option does not apply to a Windows client.