Stuck at login screen

after i update my xibo to 1.8.0
i cant login anymore
what can be the problem

i dont get any arrors after i press login

What browser are you using please? Did you try to clear the browser cache?

Also, why did you upgrade your CMS to 1.8.0-beta?
It would be highly recommended to use 1.8.0-rc2

I have now the rc2 version now
but i have the same problem i can not get past the login screen

I’m using firefox and i have cleared my cash

Perhaps open chrome console (or firefox console) on network tab and see what happens when you click Login and what fails to happen.

this is wat the consols shows

I dont know what to do now

It sounds like your browser is sending a new session id with each request

Could you try to use different browser or clear cookies on firefox perhaps?

Did you see any errors during upgrade process?

i have test it in multiple browsers all browsers say the same and i had no errors during installation

this is the google chrome error