Streaming layout on TV browser

My webOS TV model is not compatible with player. So I am trying to stream Layouts with link on TV browser.
I came through link generated for layout during Preview Layout. If I use the same link, it works but need to pass through authentication every time and It doesn’t repeat automatically unless clicked on Play Again.

Is there any way to generate a public link to stream layout and keep it playing on TV broswer?
Using Xibo 1.8 and WebOs 4.1.3

Did a quick test and looks like Xibo does not support basic auth or form auth so, I would say the answer is no. You can just retro fin the TV with a $50 android box.

May I know how does Android Box work with webOS TV? Our office keeps playing News channel all the time , so can android xibo player be invoked automatically on schedule ?

You can do it with JavaScript.