Stop CMS from connecting to a webpage the client is playing

Hi, I am running the latest Linux CMS and windows clients behind a web proxy. We have an internal dashboard from ProIV that we would like to display full screen which does work fine using the CEF display setting rather than IE.

When we connect to this page, a user licence is used in ProIV. We can spare one licence per display so this is fine, however when we edit the layout in the CMS multiple connections are made and the ProIV licences remain open. We do not need to see the preview in the CMS because this is a full page region, we just need to edit links and durations occasionally.

I would like to stop the CMS reaching the internal server and wondered the best approach - I did try editing the hosts file on the CMS box to send that server address to but it didn’t seem to work? if I pinged it then it returned but still the licences were being used and the preview screen was showing the content.

Currently a non-Xibo standalone raspberry ip displays the webpage and bash scripts log the user out from ProIV when the licence count reaches 3 but I’m hoping to find a more elegant solution.

Thanks for reading,