Still seeing other campaigns

Hi all, I am currently setting up this for one of my schools and have a test machine in the office to view the layouts that I have done before deploying. All has gone well but when I removed all the layouts and then only wanted to view the one its still showing the other layouts that I have done ?
My concern is from the display section of the CMS we are unable to see what is assigned to the screen so a little in the dark.
Am I wrong in saying once the campaigns have been created and screens assigned we don’t know then know what screens are assigned to what ?
Enjoying using Xibo, thanks all.


You will want to look at the Schedule page to see the scheduled events.

If you’re using 1.8 series CMS, then Agenda View on Schedule page can make it very clear what is scheduled to a specific display.

Pete ! thank you . Think because I was working on the display I completely missed the schedule part.
Really enjoying working with this platform.

Thank you again !