Still can’t delete display - Xibo 1.8.12


I just updated Xibo to version 1.8.12 (installation on Docker). I have 4 old display in CMS, which I could not delete (bug Can't delete display xibo 1.8.11). After updating, I was able to remove one of it, but when I try to remove the remaining ones, I get the “Unexpected error …” message again.

I restarted Xibo with commands:
service docker restart
docker-compose down
docker-compose up -d
Unfortunately, it did not help. I can not delete these three displays.


Can you confirm that you are receiving the same error as stated in the Post you have linked in your message?

If you are not certain, I would recommend using the Report Fault option in your CMS to record the errors being generated when you attempt to delete the Displays.

Follow the instructions and make sure to “Turn on Debugging” when the option is available and choose the “Open in new window”, attempt to delete the Displays again before returning to the original window and collecting the Logs. Once you have the Logs, you can either locate the error and post it in your reply or pass on your Log files to me in a Private message so I can take a look.

Many Thanks.


This is message from my log:


Thank you for providing the Error you’re receiving. Can you confirm what version of the Player you are using with your Xibo setup?

The error suggests the issue is related to the schedule. If there are any scheduled Events for the Display, can you delete them and then try to delete the Display again please?

If this does not resolve the issue, we would need to see some logs from your CMS to look into this issue further.

To do this, you will need to select the Report Fault option in your CMS, follow the instructions and click the Turn on Debugging option when prompted. On the next step, select the Open a new Window button and within this new window, try to delete the Display. Once the Display has failed to delete, close the window, return to the original window and continue with the Report Fault Steps. You will need to Collect and Save the logs and finally Turn off Debugging. You can then send me those Logs in a private message.

Many Thanks.


Solved. It was actually the fault of the entry in the scheduler. I had some task entered into the scheduler. When I removed the displays from this task, I was able to easily remove them.


I’m pleased to hear you solved the issue, thank you for posting the resolution as well.

Many Thanks.