Status Unable to connect to the remote server

hi, all, I have the CMS server installed in ali cloud, and windows player on my pc, however my windows player is unable to connect to the remote server, CMS Server vesion is 1.8.1, thanks

If you’re referencing your demo CMS Instance hosted in Spring Signage Cloud, then I’m afraid it expired on June 10 and is now suspended, hence the issue with connection to it.

If you have a different CMS in mind (not hosted in our Cloud), then please make sure your PC has internet connection and that you can reach the CMS address in the browser on your PC.

hi, Peter, thanks for your reply. I deployed your CMS in our server, and for sure my PC has internet connection

Is it docker installation or manual/custom one?

Can you open the CMS address in the browser on your PC with xibo player?
Any firewall, proxy etc that could block/limit outside connections to the CMS?

hi, Peter, I found the problem, I put https in front of my server ip, actually just use http then ok, thank you!

Ah, that makes sense now :slight_smile: