Status: This layout has not yet been built

Status: This layout has not yet been built.

CMS: 1.8.2 (Manual installation)

If a layout is created and a video added, and I change the layout name, it will change its “V” status to a gear and the message when I hover over: “This layout has not yet been built”.

To go back to the “V” you need to access the layout edit screen and exit.

Is this a problem? Do I always have to enter the edit screen after renaming the layout?

There is a task, ‘Regular Maintenance’ I believe, that will run automatically and build layouts, by default it should run every 5min.
Assuming you have it enabled and configured of course -

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I never modify the option you quoted, see how it is.

It does not seem like XTR is configured and now I noticed that I did not give you the correct link for it, please see here -