Status, Licence and Logged in OK but "Unable to start XMR queue: class java.lang.Exception/XMR address not configured."


On Xibo CMS 1.7.8 with devices on android 5.1.1, my players are : status OK, Licence OK, Logged in OK but when I check the recent logs, I have:

|11525781|2019-04-19 13:13:14|Client|Subscriber|Unable to start XMR queue: class java.lang.Exception/XMR address not configured.|
|11525780|2019-04-19 13:13:14|Client|onEventBackgroundThread - HeartBeatEvent|XMR unresponsive, issue reconfigure.|
|11525779|2019-04-19 13:08:14|Client|Subscriber|Unable to start XMR queue: class java.lang.Exception/XMR address not configured.|
|11525778|2019-04-19 13:08:14|Client|onEventBackgroundThread - HeartBeatEvent|XMR unresponsive, issue reconfigure.|

and so on…

What is the problem? Do I have to worry about that?


All that seems to be related to the XMR -
It is not critical that it works, however it certainly has a lot of benefits.

That being said, XMR is only available in 1.8 and 2.0 series, there is no XMR in 1.7 series.

At a guess you have players in newer series and CMS in 1.7, as such CMS does not know anything about XMR, therefore you can’t configure it and since player is in newer version it complains about it.

Generally speaking we recommend using players and CMS in the same series,


Thanks for you help.

Where can I download licence 1.7.8 (android version)?
If I have 5 players to configure, do I need to download and install 5 specific APK or just one (of course, I’ll buy 5 licences) and use it in my 5 players?

Many thanks.

for 1.7 the latest release in R64 which you can download from here

Alternatively you could upgrade the CMS to 1.8.13 and use R108 Xibo for Android which would be much more up to date - current release is v2, 1.7 series is few years old at this point.

As for licences, each android player would require a Xibo for Android licence - I believe you already have some android licences as per your other topic.

Thank you for all these precious informations. I manage the license pool since a few weeks only. Before that, it was managed by an external provider. So, I didn’t choose licence version and I can’t change them now in each player (too many players, far from where I stand)…

Best regards.