Statistics reporting


Xibo Players are capable of sending proof of play statistics to the CMS, which can help you analyse them later on, see exactly how many times any given layout and media files were displayed on your players.

On Statistics page in the CMS, under ‘proof of play’ you can filter your results according to:

  • Date (from/to) - show statistics only from specified date
  • Display - show statistics only for specific display
  • Media - show statistics for specific media file

In 1.8/1.7.7 Xibo CMS, you have an option to enable or disable statistics reporting for both Android (from 1.7 R60) and Windows Players.

You can adjust this setting on display settings page -> edit display profile -> Enable stats reporting?

How does it work?

You have two options, either reporting is on or off:

When it’s on
The Player will send records “on-demand” after a threshold of records has been collected. The threshold depends on how fast the records are being collected.

If there is a backlog of records to send - for example if the Player has been without a network connection for some time - the Player will enter “backlog mode”. This mode will send the records more frequently until the backlog has been cleared.

Prior to Xibo for Android 1.8 R103 and on Windows Players, the Player will collect proof of plays statistics and send up to 100 completed records each collection interval.

When it’s off
Player doesn’t collect proof of play statistics.

When it was on and then turned off

Player will send any remaining completed collected proof of play statistics next collection interval.

What does completed records mean?
Player will send only completed records, for example:

If a layout runs for 2 hours, then there will be no proof of play statistics regarding layout as a whole until it was fully displayed, but it can collect and send media statistics if they were fully displayed. After 2 hours it will also send proof of play that whole layout was displayed.

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