Statistics data appears to be broken

Dear Xibo experts,

i recently started using statistics to monitor the number and count of ads displayed on the screens.

So far, everything went well but when logging in recently, i noticed that the date range displays strange values, such as “2015-48-13” or other impossible date values.

I read here that truncating the stat sql would help, but i need the data for our client.

Is this a problem from the international date format? (I’m using german language on all systems) The SQL date format is YYYY-MM-DD but we typically use DD-MM-YYYY in the german version, although i did not find any settings influencing the statistics display.

I’m using CMS Version 1.4 - clients are all Android running r54.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Best regards


Hi Sundance,

To the best of my knowledge international date format shouldn’t influence date picker on statistics page (but you can switch it off and see if it does change anything).

What might and probably is the problem is the version of your CMS, 1.4 is quite old release, as you can imagine we’ve moved on from it and a lot has changed since it was released. As for the datepicker itself we used one from jQuery UI 1.8.18, as far as we can remember it was working fine.

We would recommend an upgrade to 1.7.4, it’s working fine in it that’s one thing, the other thing is, it will be a lot easier for us to support you.

Please remember about backups and to do everything as described in the release notes.

You could upgrade it 1.4-1.7.4 straight away, although it may be safer to perform an upgrade to 1.4-1.6 and then 1.6-1.7.4

Of course statistics should still be there after upgrade.


Hi Peter,

thanks for helping me out - and sorry for the confusing, i have a typing mistake in my original post, i’m actually using 1.7.4 , not 1.4 - sorry about that.

Is there anything else i can try?

Thanks a lot

Best regards


Well :smiley: that’s changes few things, I was kind of surprised that you would use 1.4, but hey, you never know.

There is actually something wrong with the statistics page when you have international dates ticked.

I assume on regional page, you have something like this:
Date format YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm:ss
and international dates ticked

Now that I know how does it look like with the above settings, so ‘best of my knowledge’ is a bit better, ahmm it is still possible to pick dates although every refresh/change page and it will go back to well you know.

While we investigate it, I would suggest small changes in the regional tab ie:
Date format Y-m-d H:i
and untick the international dates

At least for us it does the trick and looks fine.

Thanks, i will try that and report back if anything changes for the better!

Best regards