Statistics are very slow

Hi all,

I noticed that statistics are very slow. The client is running for 3 days and only got the one day of statistics and the beginning of hours of the second day.

I have a 3G internet connection in a bus and on the way there are many blind spots connection. I do not know if the bad connection affects the statistics.

I wonder if there is any way when the client connects to the CMS, send all the statistics for the CMS?

How statistics work?

Note: I have a maintenance script running in crontab once a day.


Statistics queue up on the Player and are sent back when there’s a connection.

The maintenance script purges old statistics and logs per the configuration you’ve defined.


Thanks for your explanation.

The statistics are over a day delay and this delay is increasing.
Is there any way to check the player how data is being sent to the CMS?

I have set up in Windows profile for the player to communicate with the CMS every 15 minutes.

The display viewer, it is connected and respects the set time profile.

Deleting all the contents of the player’s directory and downloading again solves the problem?

Sorry for my English.


First see what’s on the Player information screen (press i when the Player is running)


Soon as I collect information of Player, I post here the result.


I could not see the player yet.
I think it’s a problem with the 3G internet, which had reached the limit of my plan.

Statistics are files that are in the player? What directory these files are stored?

If the player sent to the CMS, they are deleted? If not, they are saved in the player?

Yes so if there’s no connectivity between the Player and the CMS then clearly no results will be returned.

Different players implement the results return differently. Android stores the stats in an SQLlite database and will return them when it is able to connect. It will delete old records it hasn’t been able to send after some days of retrying however as there isn’t the memory available on the Android platform to allow them to remain indefinitely.

You need to ensure you have a working network connection between the CMS and the Player for statistics to work as intended. Short periods where there is no connection will be fine however.


The problem of statistics being slow is the fact of being with problems in 3G connection. Because I increased the 3G plan limit internet and statistics were sent to CMS.

Thanks for help.

How much time does android player store records? Are there any option to this?

My apologies. Apparently it will retain and retry statistics indefinitely.

I was getting mixed up with logs which are only stored/retried for 14 days. That cannot be configured or changed.

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