startWebServer - cannot start webserver: bind failed

I have a couple of DS Devices players that are displaying the following error “startWebServer - cannot start webserver: bind failed: EADDRINUSE (Address already in use)” It seems that the players that are having this error are the ones that have been factory reset and then had Xibo reinstalled. It appears that there is only one instance of XIbo running but I am still getting the error. Any help appreciated.

I have this same issue on a device, not a DS device. The device was re-flashed back to factory, re-installed Xibo (WhiteLabel), and it has the same problem. It is running R102.

Peter suggested this could be the problem. But I am not sure how to tell if that is the case on Android.

Is the player showing text/ticker/twitter/etc based content? Or are you seeing some visual issues there?

We’re trying to start our internal web server again, because we think it is dead (we check it has an active socket and thread to make this assessment).

If everything is working normally on the player, then we are getting a false positive and need to refine the way we check it - on the other hand, if everything is not fine, we may need to kill the existing webserver “better” so a new one can start.

The players are showing text and a slideshow. No tickers or twitter. They are playing the content, there doesn’t seem to be an issue there. It’s just that this error shows up in the log. The error seems to show at the same frequency as the collect interval. These players are for in office testing so the collect interval is set to 5 min. and the error shows up every 5 min.

The device that is doing this for us has Weather, Images, and Video. Everything seems to show fine.

The “heartbeat” that checks application health happens every 5 minutes, so what you’re seeing makes sense.

I’ve recorded a bug for us to investigate whether we can check the status of the web server (which is clearly working in your cases), more accurately.

In the meantime, it is safe to ignore the message in your cases, as the application is being displayed correctly.

Hi I have the same problem, i only use in the xibo app the website plugin.
how i can reset the webserver?

I dont have any other app installed.

See startWebServer - cannot start webserver for a working solution.

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